Who Wears Short Shorts? The Guide To Summer Shorts

It’s true. It’s time to shave your legs and break free of the jeans and khakis and slip into some short shorts for summer.

Not only will you feel free (and less sweaty) but you’ll also love the mom-friendly styles that are not too frumpy but also not too short ala Daisy Dukes. Grab a pair or two and have fun mixing-and-matching with summer’s favorite tank tops!



1. Tie-belt Shorts, $19.50

2. Sanctuary Peach Shorts, $68

3. Seersucker Short, $59.50

4. 1969 Denim Pleated Trouser Shorts, $44.99

5. Sister Moon Cargo Bermuda Shorts, $39

6. Merona Americana Shorts, $16.99