New Year’s Eve Glitter Makeup Tutorial

Since I rarely get a night out, I always go big with my New Year’s Even makeup. Everyone else is in a festive mood, so it’s always fun to try a new look—especially one involving glitter. After all, glitter is a necessity when it comes to New Year’s partying (duh). This glitter eye makeup tutorial is the perfect way to feel gorgeous and gives you a lot of room for error if you’re a makeup newbie.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Prime the Eyes

Step 1: Generously brush on Urban Decay’s Primer Potion from lid to brow bone.

Brush with light brown transitional color

Step 2: Using a fluffy brush and “Velvet Revolver” in the Too Faced palette, brush all over the crease.

Highlight brow bone

Step 3: Using “Heaven” in the Too Faced palette, highlight the brow bone.

Blend dark brown into crease

Blend dark brown into crease

Step 4: Now, using a blending brush and “Sexpresso” from the same Too Faced palette, carefully blend into the crease to the center of the lid, creating a V-like motion.

Use white liner to fill in lid

Use white liner to fill in lid

Step 5: Using your M.A.C Fascinating eyeliner, fill in your lid.

Pat gold glitter onto lid

Step 6: Dip your brush in the Sally Girl glitter pot and gently pat the loose glitter onto the lid until you no longer see the white eyeliner.

Line Upper Eyes with liner, and lower lash with gold eyeshadow

Step 7: Next, line your top lash line with the black eyeliner of your choice and your bottom lash line with your favorite gold eyeshadow to brighten the eye. Add mascara, and you’re all done with the eye!

Line and Fill in lips

Step 8: Using Urban Decay’s Naked Lip Pencil, line and fill in lips; you can add a clear lipgloss on top if you prefer a shinier effect.

Strap on some stilettos and take on the New Year looking fabulous.

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