best red lipsticks

Holiday Red Lipstick for Every Budget and Skin Tone

Looking for a great holiday red lipstick but don’t know where to start? Tis the season to go RED! I’ve put together 3 similar red lipsticks for every woman’s budget to help kick off your Holiday in glam. These shades work fantastically for every skin tone.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture MAT in Rouge Rock ($34)


If you’ve ever had the chance to try a YSL lipstick, you know the quality is amazing. It has a creamy light texture that feels like you’re wearing nothing but chapstick. With SPF 15 built right in, Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks keep your lips moisturized and feeling soft. (Buy this now at Sephora)

MAC “Russian Red” ($15)

best holiday red lipstick

MAC has hit the nail on the head with this gorgeous matte red brick color. Not too bright, yet not too dark, Russian Red has got to be my favorite red lipstick of ALL TIME. There’s no need to reapply, as this lipstick will stay on in the midst of a thunderstorm (or during a curious baby’s smack in your face).  Russian Red gives your lips an extra oomph, and they’ll appear larger and more plump, which is always appreciated. (Buy this now at Nordstrom)

Revlon Matte Lipstick “Really Red” ($8)


For under ten dollars, you can’t beat Revlon’s “Really Red.” The cap on top of the tube has a clear opening, making it convenient to identify and fish out of your lipstick collection. With rave reviews, this lipstick has a smooth consistency, so it’s effortless to apply and has a matte finish.  Be sure to moisturize your lips beforehand though; this lipstick does tend to dry out after long wear. (Buy this now at Ulta)

Red is a simple, classy way to boost your holiday look. Add a neutral eye and you’re good to go this holiday season!

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