Mother's Day

10 Ways to Give Mom the Day Off

1. Give Her a Spa Day

Mother's Day - Spa DayWhether you arrange a day at the local spa, or set up some home beauty DIYs for Mom to do herself, make sure you have a pamper plan to give her a day of bliss.

2. Rent Her Favorite DVD

Mother's Day DVDPlan a movie night complete with popcorn and a cozy blanket for plenty of cuddling. Come prepared with her favorite film and she’ll know you planned ahead.

3. Hire a Babysitter

Mother's Day - BabysitterMother’s Day is the perfect occasion for Date Night! Hire a babysitter and reconnect with your partner sans kids—you’ll be glad you did!

4. Let Her Sleep In

Sleepingin for Mother's DayTurn off the alarm and let Mom snooze—you can take care things around the house this morning! Those extra zzzs will go a long way toward giving her a relaxing day.

5. Bring Her Coffee in Bed

Mother' Day Coffee in BedWhat’s better than waking up to an aromatic, steaming cup of joe? If you want extra brownie points, serve that coffee with a delicious Mother’s Day brunch.

6. Be Her Secretary

Mother's Day PhoneMom doesn’t need to answer the phone today! Screen her calls and take messages so she can totally unplug. She’ll get back to it tomorrow!

7. Get Her Flowers

Mother's Day FlowersA simple way to make a woman smile? Bring her a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite seasonal blooms. Or, if she doesn’t like flowers, get her an edible cupcake bouquet.

8. Do the Dishes

Mother's Day Kitchen DutyMom is off Kitchen Patrol today! Take charge by scrubbing the kitchen clean so she knows you’re taking care of the house, and she can totally zone out.

9. Make Her Dinner

Making Dinner for Mother's DayWhip up Mom’s favorite meal to give her a special treat. Not so skilled in the kitchen? Try one of these recipes you can make in five steps or less.

10. Draw Her a Bath

Mother's Day BathThe perfect end to a lavish day of languishing about: draw a warm bath with scented bubbles, candles, and body oils. Prepare a glass of wine or Mom’s favorite book and be sure to keep the kids away!

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