Family Fun Guide: Family Movie Night

Hey parents, looking for a fun way to bond as a family, but not sure how to tempt the kids into spending an evening at home? Plan a fun Family Movie Night using this guide to ensure a successful evening of quality family time!


Step 1: Schedule It

Plan this about a week ahead of time, giving each member of the family ample head up and time to block off an evening without any activities or friends. Make it fun by sending every member of the family an evite and have them RSVP. Make sure to send out a reminder the night before! Also, circle the date on a calendar displayed in an often-used room (like the kitchen) where everyone will see it.

Step 2: Set up the Room

Make sure the viewing room is clean and clear by having the kids help pick up toys and other odds and ends to make a spacious, comfortable area. Make sure everyone has a comfy place to sit, and spread out some warm, cozy blankets, so you can snuggle up together under the covers. If you’re really feeling creative, turn the viewing room into a theater by hanging sheets to look like stage curtains, and put up some twinkle lights to give the room a warm glow.

Step 3: Choose a Great Movie

What’s Family Movie Night without the star player? Make sure you pick a movie well ahead of time and have the choice approved by every member of the family so everyone is happy. Pick something that is kid-appropriate, but engaging enough for the adults in the family. Try The Croods; this family-friendly pick has roaring laughs and tender moments. 

Step 4: Get Crafty

During the day, have the kids make “movie” tickets out of construction paper and set up a cardboard box-office to sell them. Once the evening begins, let the kids play usher by showing you to your seat with a mini-flashlight.  

Step 5: Get Snacking

Every quality movie-viewing experience includes really delicious snacks. Go beyond popping standard popcorn by making this recipe for Parmesan Popcorn, or if you want to keep it healthy, try these 5 Sugar-Free Snack Ideas.

Step 6: Plan an Intermission

Plan to have a break in the middle of the movie so little ones (and big ones!) can use the potty, and you can refresh snacks. Also, try switching seats, so everyone gets to bond!

Step: 7 Have a Wrap-Up Session

Have each member of the family write a short movie review and read it out loud. You can even have each kid record him or herself giving the movie review like a real critic! Discuss your thoughts of the film and relive your favorite parts!