Great Holiday Gifts to DIY (or Just Buy!)

It seems every year around the holidays the amount of money spent on holiday gifts gets larger and larger. We have been making a concentrated effort this year to curb our spending a bit with smaller gifts, and by making DIY versions of items that we know our loved ones want and need. Take a look at your Christmas shopping list this year and see if there is anything on there that you could make instead of buy. The result is usually a gift that is more heartfelt and meaningful when you spent some time creating it rather than just shopping for it. Here are a few ideas for items you can make instead of buy this holiday season.


DIY Tie Clip


Every guy needs a good tie clip. While you can pick up a tie clip at a department store for $20 or more, you can make your own for under a couple bucks. Just head to your local craft store and buy a blank tie clip and decorate it to match your loved one’s style.

DIY from Lovely Indeed | Buy from Macy’s

DIY Flower Pom Pins


For the lady in your life, how about a cute brooch or accessory to pin in her hair? You can hunt around for the perfect one online, or just make your own from some fabric and a pin back.

DIY from Lovely Indeed | Buy from J.Crew

DIY Ring Dish


Jewelry and rings need a home so they don’t get misplaced. Ladies love a beautiful place to set their jewelry overnight when they aren’t wearing it. You could find a beautiful unique tray at Anthropologie, or make your own using some modeling clay and a little liquid gilding.

DIY from Lovely Indeed | Buy from Anthropologie

DIY Leather Tray


Just like ladies need a place to leave their rings and earrings at night, men need a place to lay their pocket stuffs. A tray for keys, watches, and spare change is a great gift for the man in your life. You can pick one up at the store, or make one out of a simple piece of leather.

DIY from Lovely Indeed | Buy from Aspinal of London

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