11 Adorable Monthly Baby Photo Ideas to Track the First Year

Monthly baby photos weren’t necessarily a “thing” back when my mom was raising her brood, but nowadays they’re one more trendy way to celebrate and document your baby’s growth. For both of my girls, I’ve done monthly baby photos in a specific theme to watch them grow through the first year of life.

There are tons of baby photo ideas out there but we chose a chalkboard sign for our first daughter and a monthly blanket for our second. Both girls are always in a plain white onesie for a fun visual. I like a consistent theme because it makes it easy to track their growth. Plus, who has time to create new props and outfits every month?


This week I take my last monthly photo for baby #2 and I have to say it’s bittersweet! So before I affix her little crown and say goodbye to a year of monthly memory making, here’s a roundup of some of the cutest and most creative ways to say, “Happy Month Day!” to your little one.

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