Pokemon GO Activities and Crafts

24 Pokemon GO Activities that Bring the Game to Life

It’s hard to avoid the phenomon that is Pokemon GO. I trialled the app first before deciding my son Max could go for it, and he hasn’t stopped since. Last weekend he clocked up 21kms of walking while he played (and I probably clocked up a $21K data bill, but let’s not think about that). Max has loved Pokemon for pretty-much his whole life, so we are embracing the new life that Pokemon GO has brought to his obsession.

If your child has been recently introduced to Pokemon via the app, it might be a nice idea to bring the game into the real real world with a few fun Pokemon GO activities and crafts. I am a huge supporter of anything that will get boys crafting and off screens. My girls, on the other hand, need no excuse whatsoever.


The internet is alive with Pokemon activities and craft ideas and we’ve rounded up the best of them. I’m going to start with the Pokemon party that we put together for Max’s birthday a few years ago. I’m amazed at how similar our narrative for the party was to the way Pokemon GO is actually played. Uncanny, actually. Perhaps I should move into software development? At least then I’ll be able to pay my inflated mobile phone bill!

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24 Pokemon GO Activities that Bring the Game TO LIFE

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