DIY Craft: Color Block Picnic Blanket

Ready for an autumn picnic? This fun DIY craft will have you picnicking in style on a customized, colorful picnic blanket.


This project only requires a few supplies and very little time, but it leads to tons of outdoor fun!


  • fabric dye in the color of your choice
  • canvas drop cloth
  • bucket
  • hose
  • large pot
  • water


Step 1: Prepare the dye as the package directs. In most cases, this requires boiling water.

Step 2: While you’re waiting for the water to boil, lay out your drop cloth and roll it up into a tube (as shown below). This will help the color to absorb pretty evenly, and you shouldn’t get any folds where the dye didn’t reach—unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Step 3: Mix the hot, hot water (be careful!) with the dye in your bucket and stir it well. Then, dip one end of the rolled-up drop cloth into the dye. You can dip it as deep as you like, depending on how much color you want on your blanket. I love the color block look, so I dipped only about 1/4 of my cloth into the dye.

Step 4: After the cloth has been sufficiently saturated, lay it out on in your yard and spray it down with the hose. The cold water helps to set the color and washes away extra dye.

Step 5: Let your blanket dry. The directions on my dye package suggested not allowing the dye to dry in the sun, so I found a place in the shade. It worked perfectly! Check your package for instruction details on drying.

Step 6: After the blanket is dry, you’re ready to picnic! We love ours, especially the size. It’s large enough for our whole family!

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