Decorating and Crafting With Shells

Now that it is officially summer – vacations at the seashore are soon upon us. 

I know I am not alone in my love of seashells as I see many others combing the beach along with me every summer.  I have gathered a few of my favorite ways to decorate and craft with them to inspire you to make something useful and pretty with them instead of storing them in a bucket.

My favorite way (shown above) is to gather them in a large bowl I bought at Pottery Barn and place it on my sofa table.  Adding the shell collecting books I had since I was a child always makes me smile and a becomes a happy sign that summer is here.

1. Place a few large and interesting shells together to create a still life. BH&G

2. Gather similar shells and arrange them around flat wood frame. Use glue to attach.  Country Living

3. Use tile adhesive and grout to cover a planter.  Wisteria

4. Attach a small shell or pearls with glue on the underside of a shell to use as a soap dish or catch-all on your vanity. Martha Stewart

5. Arrange large scallop shells around a decorative mirror to add contrast and interest to a wall. Coastal Living

6. Hot glue a collection of moon shells to a wreath form that you can buy at a craft store.  Hang in on a door or above your mantel. Flickr

7. Attach a hinged shell to each light on a string of white wired holiday lights with epoxy to create a unique way to light the night.  Martha Stewart

8. Press the back of a shell into pie crust to create a decorative edge for your pie. Country Living

9. Glue a trio on a hair clip. Etsy Scotch Bonnet

10. Use a variety of shells to create place card holders for your table. Use a rotary drill with a wheel style drill bit to make the slits in the shells.  Cherished Gifts and Favors

11. Use hot glue and ornament hanger hooks to make a window valance.  InMyOwnStyle