Welcome Summer With A Surprise

Summer’s nearly here, can you believe it?  

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a few fun ways to surprise the kids and kick off the season with a bang.  

First up is this summer care package.  Wouldn’t this be fun to send a niece or nephew in the mail (or have the grandparents send to your children)?  It’s just the thing to get the kids excited about being active this summer.  Check out the link for tons of ideas on what to put in your package, organized by age.  (My favorites include a friendship bracelet kit, a sling shot, and money for the ice cream truck).

If you’re up for taking the summer care package a step further, then may I introduce the stay-at-home-summer-camp box.  It’s filled with books and ideas to last all summer and its purpose is to get the kiddos to partake in a self-directed version of summer camp.  Check out the link for more details as well as various box theme ideas.

Finally, if you don’t have time to put together an entire summer kit, opt for a quick inaugural celebration instead.  I love how mom Danyelle surprised her kids with a Welcome to Summer Party on their last day of school.  Friends, food, and 300 water balloons made for a party none of them will ever forget.