No Sew Fabric Screen

This is a very simple and decorative fix when you need to hide something unsightly in your house – like a dirty fireplace, a corner with piled junk, your kid’s toys…anything.


This handy screen is not only easy to make, but it is easy to store and move from room to room as needed.

Do you hate looking at this – a dirty fireplace?


Prest-O Change-O  – All gone!



Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard Pattern Cutting Board – you can buy one at a fabric/sewing store.
  • 2 yards of fabric – the fabric I used is from JoAnn’s Fabrics.  If you want to use a light background fabric you may need to use a white liner fabric first or spray paint the front of the board white so the blue lines don’t show through.  You can also reverse the way the board folds and use the back as the front.  If you decide to do this, you will need to run your hands up and down each fold to get it to fold the opposite way.
  • Spray Adhesive/Glue
  • Brass Fasteners – optional
  • Scissors
  • Awl





Press fabric if needed to remove any fold lines or creases.

Lay board right side down on wrong side of fabric and center to make sure you have enough fabric and you can see how you want to line up the fabric if there is a pattern. If there is – you want to make sure the pattern is lined up straight.

Remove the board and take it outside. Thoroughly cover the printed side of the board with spray glue. Let sit for about a minute until it gets tacky. 

Carefully lay board back on fabric and then turn the board over and smooth front with your hands to make sure fabric is even and there are no wrinkles.



Turn board back over and spray edges of board with glue.  Turn over edge of fabric and press into glue. Repeat all along the edges.

For corners, fold on an angle – spray more glue under folded fabric.

Fold fabric over again to adhere.

The back of the board should look like this.



(Optional) I wanted to create a bit more interest on my screen and added brass fasteners to look like nail heads all over the board.  Use an awl to punch a hole into the board for placing the fasteners. I used the center of each circle as my guide. 

Place fastener into hole.

 Turn board over to pull the fastener to the back of board.

Spread the fastener open.



 Cover with tape to secure.

 Placement of fasteners


Board folds up for easy storage and transporting to where ever you need.