15 Best Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

I get crafty like it’s my job. You know, because it’s literally my job. And I love to encourage my girls to be just as creative and crafty to make all kinds of fun, messy boredom busters. At first glance, all those great projects on Pinterest seem like good ideas. Then, I realize that they’re too complicated for the kids to accomplish on their own, they require no less than seven obscure craft tools, or the supply list means an expensive trip to the craft store.

Sometimes an unexpected sick day or rainy-day washout means crafting on the fly. And there’s one craft supply that we always have on hand: paper plates. Yup, paper plates are the foundation of all kinds of cool kid crafts. Here, I’ve rounded up a few of the best paper plate crafts.


More DIY Crafts for Kids:

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