DIY Geometric Keychains and Bag Tags

DIY Geometric Keychains and Bag Tags

For a great afternoon craft activity with the kids, try these geometric DIY keychains. They’re a great way to review geometric shapes with (or introduce to) your little one. I used a three-dimensional diamond, but try out cubes and rectangular prisms too.


These geometric keychains work really well as bag tags, too!  Hang one of these little guys on your child’s backpack or lunch bag for a fun and colorful way to stand out from the crowd.

Supplies for Felt Geometric Keychain and Bag Tags


  • Wool felt (available online)
  • Chalk pencil
  • Fabric scissors
  • Craft glue (like Aleene’s)
  • Eyelet(s) and setting tool
  • Hammer
  • Self-healing mat or cardboard
  • Key ring


Draw the outline of the geometric shape  in chalk

Step 1: First, choose a shape and the color pairs you’d like for each shape. Draw your shape onto the color that you’ve chosen for the top of your keychain.

Cut shape out of felt

Step 2: Cut around the lines of the shape, leaving a quarter-inch margin on the sides of each line.

Add glue to the felt outline

Step 3: Once the shape is completely cut out, glue the shape to the other piece of felt that you’ve chosen for the bottom color.

Cut shape out of felt

Step 4: Trim around the shape.

Poke hole with scissors into the felt shape

Step 5: Cut a small hole near the top of the shape.

Add a grommet to the felt keychain

Step 6: Insert the eyelet, and set the eyelet using the setting tool and hammer. Be sure to hammer on top of a self-healing mat or piece of cardboard to prevent damage to the work surface. Add a key ring, and it’s ready!

DIY Geometric Keychains and Bag Tags

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