Kim Kardashian’s Bare Butt Photo: Is it Worse Because She’s a Mom?

I was simultaneously breastfeeding my daughter Poppy and doing my morning drill sergeant routine with my son Mason (Get dressed! Eat your breakfast! We need to leave for school in 10 minutes!) when Kim Kardashian’s oiled-up bare butt flashed on our TV screen. It was The Today Show version, so a black bar was covering her crack. (Here’s the real thing if you really want to see it.) 

The photo was shot for the cover of Paper mag’s winter 2014 issue, with the cover line “Break the Internet.” In it, the reality star is slithering out of a black gown, looking coyly over her shoulder. I guess the photo is supposed to be sexy and provocative. But, when I saw it I just thought it looked desperate and lame. My husband didn’t even seem to notice the photo; he was too busy making fun of the anchors for making a big deal about how they had to censor it (“OMG, it’s a butt!!!). A minute later we went back to our morning routine…and I forgot about the whole thing.


Then, this afternoon, someone asked me whether I thought the photo was worse because Kim’s a mom. I suppose I’m mixed on the issue. On one hand, Kim is proudly flaunting a butt that doesn’t fit our society’s ideal totally ridiculous standards (what, with Calvin Klein sending the message that size 10 is plus size) — and self love isn’t a bad message to send to your daughter. Kim loves her body, everyone else’s opinions be damned, and everyone knows it. But then there’s the part about being a role model for your kids and acting as you want them to act. And does Kim really want her daughter flashing her bare butt on the cover of a magazine or even Instagram, say, when she’s a teenager? Does Kanye?!  Er, I hope not.

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