Ian Ziering Welcomes A Second Daughter, Penna, Born On Daughter Mia’s Birthday

April 25 is twice as special now for actor Ian Ziering and his wife ErinIan and Erin welcomed a second daughter, Penna Mae, on their daughter Mia's second birthday!

The actor laughed, telling People, “We didn’t plan it! Mia was born a week late and Penna was a week early.”  Penna Mae arrived on Thursday morning and her big sister couldn't be happier.  Ian shared, “She couldn’t wait to meet her. When she saw Penna she said, ‘Baby sister!’” The proud father of two says that Mia lined up all of her toys to show off to her baby sister, who came home from the hospital this afternoon. 

Ian explained Penna's name, sharing that Penna is in honor of his late father, Paul, while her middle name, Mae, makes her the fourth generation of women in Erin's family to use that middle name.

Congrats to the Ziering family!


Do you share a birthday with any of your family members? Was it great or not so fun to share your special day?


Photo by Wenn.com