Matt Damon’s Wife Is Ready For Pregnancy To Be Over

Matt Damon says that Luciana is "over being pregnant".


Matt and Luciana are expecting their fourth child very soon and Matt shared that she is at that point that all moms are at toward the end: just ready for the baby to come right now. "We’re in the third trimester and basically I’m just dodging punches right now from my wife".  He joked: “That means I have to work on my defense and I never know when a left hook or a right cross is going to come. She’s completely over me and over being pregnant.” All joking aside, he said:  "She’s been a great sport, she looks amazing and she’s taking great care of herself.” 

Matt sings her praises for all that her body has been through in a short amount of time. The couple has three daughters: Alexia, 11, Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2 :  "She’s been pregnant basically for more than half of the last five years and she’s been nursing the other half so I’ve definitely asked about as much as I can from my wife, Now I’m all hers!”

Matt is attending the Toronto International Film Festival before heading back to be with his family.  He was photographed today as he stopped traffic to sign autographs for fans.

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