Will Ferrell Reveals The One Parental Chore He Can’t Do

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Will Ferrell opened up about his family life and the one chore he just can't do.

The comedian and father of three sons, Magnus, 6, Mattias, 3, and Axel, 7 months, reveals that he fails in one parental area: diaper changing. “I refuse to do it; I let my wife do it. I’m not so good with it.”  Will is a very hands-on and involved dad despite his diaper flaw. “It’s pretty simple at our house: it’s dinner, bath time, bedtime stories and then bed, I read to them and do the funny voices. They seem to like it.”  His kids are the perfect remedy to a rough day: "On the days that are not the best and I’m feeling stressed, I come home and the kids make me great again.”

Will gives his wife, Viveca Paulin, the credit for keeping their lives in order: “I’m so happy that I have my beautiful wife to share my life with and raising our sons,” he says. “She runs the household and does a great job. I couldn’t do it without her.”

Will was on the red carpet in Moscow last night with his fellow castmates, Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg, at the premiere of "The Other Guys".  Have you seen this movie yet? What'd you think?

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