Oliver Hudson Teaches His Son To Give Back

"Rules of Engagement" star Oliver Hudson is teaching his son to help others.

Oliver, who is also the son of Goldie Hawn and brother of Kate Hudson, is trying to help his son, three-year-old Wilder, understand that not everyone is as fortunate as he is.  So when his third birthday party rolled around, Oliver helped him go through his toys and pick out some to donate.  “Wilder got massive amounts of presents at his party — I wanted him to understand that this isn’t normal, [I told him,] ‘There are a lot of kids without any toys so we’re going to [go through] your old toys. You can choose the ones you want to keep and we’ll give the others to children with no toys.’ It was great because he got it. He was totally fine with it.”

That's a great lesson for young kids.  They will feel good knowing they've made other kids happy, plus they're learning not to become emotionally attached to material objects.

Do you do something similar with your kids?

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