Kelly Ripa’s Children Want To Be At Summer Camp

Kelly Ripa says her children can't wait to get just a little older.

The 'Live With Regis and Kelly' co-host says that her two younger children, Joaquin Antonio, 7, and Lola Grace, 9, were sad to see their brother Michael, 12, leave for summer camp this year.  “The other two wanted to go with, they wanted to get on the bus. And we were like ‘No, you have to wait until you’re 12,’” 

She says that as they pulled away from the drop-off, she quickly wished they were old enough, too.  “And so the bus takes off, and we were sitting in the car, and the two of them are fighting and screaming. And I’m like, ‘Turn this car around, and get these kids on that bus!’”

I think we can all relate to that at least a little, right?  Are your kids attending camp this summer?

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