Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Adopting A Second Child

Sheryl Crow shares the ups and downs of her adoption experiences.


The singer sat down for a candid chat in Redbook's August issue.  Sheryl adopted son Wyatt (3) back in 2007 and made the decision to adopt a second child back when Wyatt was about two-years-old.  She shared that the process was not easy:  “A lot of the adoptions fell through,” An optimistic Sheryl wasn't discouraged: “Things always work out perfectly,” she says. “They just do. Generally, when you let go of your vision of how something is supposed to be, the universe hands you exactly what you need.”  And it did, she and Wyatt welcomed Levi James (now 9-weeks-old) to their family.

Sheryl is also thankful for the support of her good friends (and fellow celebrity mommies) Nicole Kidman and Kim Williams-Paisley.