How I Decide What to Share (& What to Keep Secret) As a Celebrity Mom

Balance is the key to everything in life. I think very carefully about what I’m comfortable putting out to the world and what should be held sacred to my family. After separating from Easton’s father, for example, it was very important to me to keep our family tragedy private. We all needed time to emotionally adjust to it. We’re still experiencing sadness over it, but it’s been over a year and we are coming through it. It’s not always necessary to divulge the details. We are grateful to those that love us and show compassion and that’s enough.


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When I’m deciding what to share on my blog, I focus more on what is universally relatable in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. I get personal if it is OK with my loved ones and my experiences can serve as a unifying subject. That’s why I shared my feelings about losing my mother. Many women and many men are young parents and they have lost parents, so I thought people could relate to what I was going through, that eventual step of becoming the matriarch or patriarch after the loss of a parent. I’ve also written about being pulled in two directions as a working mom. There are certainly a lot of working moms and working dads out there who can relate to that. I feel that we should share what’s appropriate, if we can help support other parents on their journey.

Being a parent is profoundly relatable and unifying. For example, I just left a breakfast with some moms that I’m friends with from my daughter’s school: one’s a teacher, one’s a stay-at-home mom, one’s a mathematician, one’s a hedge fund manager. We’re all very different people, yet we all were talking about exactly the same things. We talked about how our bodies are changing and what we’re going to do about it. We talked about the kids because they’re all on a field trip today. We talked about the weekend because we all want to go to an event on Friday night together, so what should we do with kids? You know, so we talked about juggling, too.

Keeping a community of parents is very important to me. I am lucky enough to not only have my local community, but also my online community. We help each other. We advise one another. But we also respect each other when it comes to family matters, and for that, I am so grateful.

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