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Katie Holmes opens up about marriage to Tom Cruise and the possibility of more kids.

Katie shares with the October issue of Marie Claire that Tom at home is the same guy we see in public.  "Tom's as big at home as he is on the movie screen. He's so passionate about everything, whatever he's doing. When he's being a dad, he's right there; he's giving it his all. It's inspiring and it's fun. It's an amazing life, but we always remind ourselves of how incredibly lucky we are."

Katie was asked whether or not they see more kids in their future:  "Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I'm really there for Suri." "I'm the youngest in my family – my closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it!" she adds. "I liked having all of my mom's attention, and sometimes I think I still do." 

Suri is lucky to have two much older siblings (Connor, 15, and Isabella, 17); I'd be willing to bet that they spoil her.

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