Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis’ Diary: The International March for Elephants

Kristin Davis shares a day in her life as she marches for elephants in New York City. Read about her exhilarating day:

I really get nervous when I have to speak in public, even if it is for something that I care so much about like the poaching crisis happening to the elephants. I was really trying to stay calm before my speech and focus on what the other speakers were saying. Seeing my old friend Christie Brinkley at the March was a wonderful surprise and made me feel more relaxed.


Kristin and Christi

As I was listening to the other speakers, it reminded me how important it is to the survival of elephants that we all speak up. When it was my turn to speak and I looked out at the crowd of people who had all come out to march in NYC for elephants, I was so moved that I got all choked up. Which makes speaking kind of difficult!


The crowd was so enthusiastic and receptive to hearing about how I found an orphaned elephant in 2009, then rescued her with my friends and took her to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. With their care she has grown up healthy and is now living in a huge National Park in Kenya. But now the illegal poaching of elephants for their ivory is threatening her once again, along with the new family of ex-orphans she has become a part of. That really keeps me up at night, thinking about the innocent elephants that are living in a supposedly protected park, and still one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its tusks.

The crowd was hugely supportive and many had already adopted orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. So after I was done speaking, we all took pictures together and talked about the different elephants they followed through their monthly updates. It was an inspiring day! It’s really amazing that people all over the world marched for the survival of elephants! I felt very grateful to have been a part of getting the word out that elephants could soon be extinct. And I felt hope that together we can speak loud enough to create change, so that our children can grow up in a world where elephants roam free in the wild.

Kristin Davis

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