Brian Austin Green Talks About Megan Fox’s Parenting Instincts

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Brian Austin Green opened up about his relationship with Megan Fox in the October issue of Details magazine.

The newlyweds have been together for six of the eight years since Brian's son Kassius (with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil) was born. Brian says that Megan was a complete natural at mothering. "[Megan] is absolutely my better half in parenting, she just gets it. It's instinctual for her."

Brian admitted that he didn't initially think his relationship with Megan would be a long-term thing: "It's not something I ever thought would be serious. But she brought out parts of me that I had lost in my last relationship. I had come off of 90210, and I never wanted to leave my house. I was afraid of the press. I was afraid of people's opinions of me, Megan was a big part of boosting my confidence. And at the same time, I was somebody responsible and grounded for her to be around. We just matched."

He also says that he isn't insecure about Megan's level of fame. "I know the normal male thing is the man works and is successful and brings home the paycheck. I don't know who the hell set it up, but it’s what people expect, I just don't care. Next year I could book some crazy movie that blows up and things could shift completely. And I guarantee you at that point she’ll say, thank God. You go do all that s*@$ now. I'm sick of it."

They are currently in Toronto to premiere Megan's latest movie "Passion Play" and Brian is joining the cast of "Desperate Housewives" this season.

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