Cut Costs with Homemade Baby Food

vert-feeding-baby-solids-first-timeThink making baby food is too time consuming? It turns out that this process is not only quick n' easy, the savings make the extra effort worth it—literally. We break down the numbers for you, so know exactly how wallet-friendly it can be to whip up your little one's grub.

I have twin boys, so I know how precious time is for parents. When other moms ask me if making homemade baby food takes up too much effort and time, my initially answer is, "Having made all my twins' baby food, I can say first-hand it's really is not nearly difficult or as time consuming as you think."

Well, that statement is typically met with raised eyebrows and sideways looks—moms probably just think I'm a big liar! I try to persuade them by explaining how simple the process is, but I'm usually unable to convince my audience. That's when I break out the cost factor.

Do you know that making homemade baby food is so incredibly cost effective that the savings can be as great as $0.01 per ounce versus $0.48 per ounce! That's a savings of almost 98% on food for your family. Convinced yet?

Maybe you need an example: just the other day, I made sweet potatoes for my little sweeties. I roasted 3 medium sized potatoes (about 2 pounds). When they came out of the oven, I whipped up 48 ounces of sweet potatoes with my stick mixer in mere minutes. I then added two cups of water, which meant I had 64 ounces of delicious, velvety, nutritious sweet potato baby food for just $1.80. Your switch from store-bought is well worth it.

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