Get The Designer Acrylic Crib Trend For Less

Acrylic cribs have become massively popular as of late, but most of the time when I spot one – whether on Instagram or in Architectural Digest in some celebrity’s home – it’s a prohibitively expensive option like this one. Luckily, there are ways to get this trend without spending a fortune.

“I’ve used acrylic cribs with tons of clients over the years and everyone loves them,” says Naomi Coe, Little Crown Interiors . “Aside from looking great, they can help a small nursery feel more open. They also allow for you to see the baby in the crib more easily, especially from the hallway.”


I am fully obsessed with the above crib from Delta. The Sloane 4-in-1 Acrylic Convertible Crib clocks in at $549.99 and given that it’s a 4-in-1 crib (converts to a toddler bed, daybed and sofa – daybed/sofa/toddler guardrail included), I dare you to find a better value! More importantly than the fact that it’s super stylish, however, is that it’s well made and safe. Obviously safety always comes first, especially when it comes to where your baby sleeps. This crib meets or exceeds the most stringent chemical emissions standards. It has been screened for more than 10,000 chemicals and VOCs that are known to pollute indoor air, certifying it contributes to cleaner indoor air.

It also feels incredibly sturdy. “You want a crib that doesn’t wiggle or seems like any of the parts may break or weaken. You can check online if a brand has had any safety recalls at,” says Coe.  “Just because a crib is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. Make sure to actually read the specifications to see how it’s made and what it’s made of. The most important thing when purchasing a crib is safety, so as long as you’re buying from a brand that’s reputable and doesn’t have any recent safety recalls, it’s fine to save money on the crib. Just make sure you assemble it exactly according to the instructions, save any paperwork or registration documents, and regularly check that it’s stable and not missing any parts.”


As for the crib mattress, while Delta makes some popular ones, I’ve been using a Newton one since I transitioned my son to his crib. Their mattress is super breathable and washable and they also have a waterproof one that’s great for potty training.

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