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The Best Pacifier Options (Plus, Can They Damage Babies’ Teeth?)

There’s something about a pacifier that some babies find unbelievable soothing. And much like parents will find with baby bottles, just because one pacifier works like a charm for one child, doesn’t mean it will work that way for another. It’s best to only buy one or two pacifiers from one particular brand and see what your baby likes best. That said, generally speaking, pacifiers have their pros and cons.

“Pacifiers are needed in the sense that they provide infants comfort most times,” says Dr. Shaun Flynn, DDS and chief dental officer at BURST Oral Care. “They also are known to help in prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) by posturing the tongue forward so it doesn’t fall back and block the airway. However, it is recommended that children only use pacifiers up to the age of two because they can cause issues down the line. So I believe pacifiers are great to use, and in some cases a must, but just make sure the parents wean them off by two years old to avoid any developmental issues with their bones and teeth.”

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