TanRound: Cool Clothes For All-Season Sunbathing


On the heels of a breakthrough Kickstarter campaign that raised more than double the $6,000 goal, TanRound is poised to hit the shelves (virtual and actual) just in time for summer. TanRound co-founders Estevan Lopez and Stephan Perez designed this groundbreaking apparel line with innovative technology that – without the aid of greasy, environment-polluting sunscreen creams – lets wearers safely and comfortably sunbathe in most any type of weather, even in near-freezing temperatures with snow on the ground.


“It’s natural, safe and proven… minimize the hardships of the winter and get a perfect, natural tan anytime you want,” according to TanRound‘s official product description. “All, while naturally replenishing your Vitamin D!”


Sun-worshipers won’t get left out in the cold either. TanRound transparent (well, “semi-transparent” if truth be told) clothing with patented UVTR technology hold in body heat while allowing the sun’s natural UV rays to penetrate the material.