Thirst Place: Tilting Pot Tells Owners When To Water



Studio Lorier’s initial production run of Natural Balance plant pots are of one size only, able to fit most popular houseplants such as table herbs, succulents and cacti with root mass diameters of up to 15cm or 6 inches. Two or three fit cosily on a single shelf or tabletop.


Natural Balance plant pots come in a range of matte glaze hues including Cool Grey, Mint Green, Pastel Pink, Deep Black, and Yellow. The latter two shades were not offered at the start of the Kickstarter campaign but were “unlocked” in quick succession as the campaign achieved and surpassed a series of set funding milestones.


One slight caveat… although Studio Lorier refers to their Natural Balance line as “The Ultimate Self-Watering Flowerpot”, the pots can only TELL you when they need to be watered. It’s up to plant owners to heed their lilting, er, tilting call. (images and info via WENN and Studio Lorier)