Thirst Place: Tilting Pot Tells Owners When To Water



Coming off a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that saw Studio Lorier beat their funding target by almost 300 percent, the firm is on pace to begin shipping Natural Balance plant pots to early-bird purchasers early in 2017.


The way Natural Balance plant pots work is both simple and ingenious. These minimalist-styled ceramic pots feature a double-walled design with an integrated internal water reservoir offset to one side. The reservoir is separated from the soil by a water-permeable barrier that releases liquid gradually; as the plant requires it.



When the reservoir is filled, the pot will sit level on its curved-edged base. A built-in sliding magnet on the bottom can be adjusted to ensure plants of different sizes, heights and weights sit level while a cork plugs the reservoir’s filling hole to prevent evaporation. As time passes (a full reservoir will sustain most houseplants for about a month) and the plant’s roots absorb water, the reservoir will slowly drain and the potted plant’s center of gravity will visibly shift. You might not hear it but your plant is talking to you!