Light Rider: Airbus’s 3D-Printed Electric ‘Cycle



From the very beginning of the Light Rider motorcycle project, APWorks was determined to exploit as many benefits of 3D-printing technology as possible. One such benefit resulted in the creation of hollow frame parts that offered, much in the fashion of bird’s bones, significant weight savings without sacrificing strength. It also allowed for integrated cables, pipes and screw-on points in the finalized motorcycle’s frame and overall structure. APWorks estimates the Light Rider weighs as much as 30% less than motorcycles produced using conventional manufacturing techniques.


As stated at their website, APWorks plans to release an exclusive, limited-edition series of only 50 Light Rider electric motorcycles. The bikes are street-legal for everyday use and interested parties can place a pre-order at the APWorks website. Be aware, however, that a deposit of €2,000 against the retail price of €50,000 (excluding taxes) is required to secure a place on the waiting list. (images and info via and APWorks)