Litteracy: Creative International No-Littering Signs


Signs of our trashy times? This selection of creative international No-Littering signs highlight different attitudes towards littering around the world.

Just imagine how much cleaner the area around this Chinese no-littering sign would be if the sign-maker had only added a “d”… not that they had much room to do so. Realistically speaking, it’s doubtful any potential litterers let fly knowing they’ll be “fine” after performing said violation. One would hope at least the Chinese part of the sign’s lettering is spelled correctly.


Yaroslavl, Russia-based environmental group Musora Bolshe (“More Debris”) organized a “Signs Against Garbage” contest that boasted the above poster as one of its highlights. One can infer the point is for people to think about how they dispose of trash. Either that or “garbage in, garbage out”.


This anti-littering sign from Tokyo’s bustling Shinjiku district employs a pun only Japanese-speakers would understand. The admonishment “Dame da zou!” (“Don’t do it!”) includes the word “zou”, which also means “elephant”.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat – can we still say that? If that’s not PC, let’s just state there are many ways to get attention and the Swiss city of Dietikon has employed one of the oldest on the above no-littering sign. To quote those eminent musical sages ZZ Top, “she’s got legs… and she knows how to use them.”