Stacked Decks: Haroshi’s Recycled Skateboard Art

recycled skateboards 1a

Like most skateboarders, Haroshi goes through a lot of decks. Unlike his ‘boarding brethren, however, he recycles busted decks into striking works of art. recycled skateboards 1b

recycled skateboards 1c

Tokyo-based Haroshi has been skateboarding since he was a teenager. Now 37, he’s broken more skateboards than he can count – the average ‘boarder’s deck lasts less than three months.The boards take a lot of abuse but then, so do our landfills.

recycled skateboards 2a

recycled skateboards 2b

Rather than simply dump his shattered skateboards time after time, Haroshi saw something in the complex laminate construction lurking at the heart of every board. What’s more, he noticed that the vast array of colors and patterns impressed into the boards during their production would negate the need to paint or otherwise modify artworks made from multiple boards.

recycled skateboards 3a

recycled skateboards 3b

recycled skateboards 3c

recycled skateboards 3d

By transforming broken boards into artworks, Haroshi does the world a favor on multiple levels: he saves countless busted skateboards from the landfill and he enriches our culture with a heretofore unimagined variation on freeform sculpture. Many of his pieces are so transformed from their origins it’s in many cases impossible to discern they were originally skateboards.