Neko Nirvana: Cat-Napping In The Lap Of Buddha

Buddha Cats 5

While posing conjectures explaining sleeping statue-esque cats and shooting them down one by one is indeed an entertaining way to kill time or make conversation, the judicious use of Occam’s Razor is called for when one must cut to the chase.

Buddha Cats 7

“Occam’s Razor” is is a problem-solving principle devised by the medieval English Franciscan friar, theologian and scholastic philosopher William of Ockham. When applied to two or more competing hypotheses (even those concerning cats sleeping on Buddha statues), the principle shifts preference to the simplest one.

Buddha Cats 11

Buddha Cats 11b

In the case of cats sleeping on statues of Buddha, the simplest theory postulates that large statues of stone or metal heat up during the day and hold that warmth while other surfaces cool. cats, who enjoy settling themselves on warm places (like your lap), will naturally rest on such a comparatively warm, level and unmoving space.

Buddha Cats 9

Even big cats have figured this out… and who’s going to disturb this kitteh now that he or she’s found a little Earthly Nirvana?