Dream Retreats: 15 Rustic, Reclaimed and Remote Cabins

Feral House, France

(images via:  matali crasset)

It’s a cabin gone wild! The Birdhouse Cottage is one of five ‘Feral Houses’ by French designer Matali Crasset. Envisioned as a cube-shaped cottage set on one of its corners, the forest retreat is made of steel and lightweight wood, resting on poles that do little damage to the forest floor. The leaning nettled wall to the right side of the elevated terrace appears to be a hammock of some sort.

Off-Grid Yeta Cabin by Lab Zero

(images via: lab zero)

From afar, this little cabin looks like nothing more than a pile of wood. Lab Zero designed the Yeta Cabin to be entirely off-grid, portable and multi-purpose, usable either for recreation or as an emergency shelter. Powered by solar panels, the cabin has a rainwater catchment system, kitchen, bathroom and shower all in one small space.

Mudgee Mini Cabin, Australia

(images via: casey brown architecture)

It’s a little kooky, but that’s what makes the Mudgee Mini Cabin so charming. Part of the Mudgee Permanent Camping Project in the isolated, rugged cliffsides of New South Wales, Australia, the design features large shutters that can close to protect the interior from harsh sunlight. It’s made of reclaimed materials, finished in local woods, has a water catchment tank and a footprint of just 9 by 9 feet.

Boathouse, Norway

(image via: tyin tegnestue)

Take the traditional shape and wooden cladding of a cabin and bring it into the 21st century with the addition of glass cut-outs that enable beautiful views and lots of daylight. This TYIN tegnestue structure in Norway is actually a boat house, not a dwelling, but it’s a great example of material reuse, creative design and the warmth of a rustic interior.