Dream Retreats: 15 Rustic, Reclaimed and Remote Cabins

Pine Forest Cabin, Winthrop, Washington

(image via: archdaily)

Simple and sustainable, Pine Forest Cabin is made of low-impact materials and set on two concrete walls that allow it to cantilever over the hillside, reducing site disturbance. This also gives what is otherwise a very modest cabin, finished in raw plywood, the feeling of luxury that comes with a beautiful view.

4 Beautiful Green-Roofed Cabins in Norway

(images via: inhabitat)

Green roofs are something of a new phenomenon in the United States, but in Norway they’ve been a way of life for centuries. Some are as simple as native grasses while others bloom with colorful flowers or even sprout trees.

Bulhomen Cabin, Norway

(images via: skaara)

This unusually shaped cabin on the edge of a lake in Norway is nearly invisible from above, thanks to its wood siding, organic shape and sedum roof.

Shinto-Inspired Sleeping Cabin, California

(images via: simple shelter texas)

Made of reclaimed wood, this hut in California was inspired by Shinto temples in Japan. Simple Shelter Texas built it on a 40 acre site using reclaimed fencing and other recycled materials. Mounted on 24″ sections of a reclaimed utility pole, the cabin is sleepover-ready with a bed, a few chairs and a wood-burning stove.