Green Your iPhone with 13 Cases, Chargers, Speakers & More

Vintage Bike Horn iPhone Speaker

(image via: lowtechatmo)

How cool is this repurposed bike horn? Flickr user Lowtechatmo made his own DIY iPhone speaker using PVC and an old bike horn. Says the inventor, “The bike horn (with its noise maker removed) had just the right amount of threading on the end to screw into the soft plastic hole, and be flush with the inside of the PVC. It sits directly in front of the tiny mono speaker. Leaving the ends of the PVC open allows for a more expansive sound and lets treble escape. The weight of the horn keeps the phone from tipping back.”

Waterproof, Solar-Charged iPhone Case

(image via: kickstarter)

Not only does this durable case charge your iPhone with solar power, it’s also waterproof. The rugged iPhone 4/4S AQUA TEK from Snow Lizard protects the phone against scratches and spills, lets it take pictures underwater and charges the battery with a small solar panel on the back of the case.

Modular, Repairable Ear Buds

(image via: kickstarter)

Most electronics are inherently wasteful in that they’re inevitably going to be obsolete within a few years, and they’re nearly impossible to repair even if you do want to keep using them. That’s not the case with ‘Ironbuds’, the first pair of modular, fully repairable ear buds. Made of durable, high quality materials, these earbuds are equipped with audiophile quality speakers and available in four different kits according to your needs, ranging from $21 to $47.

Nokero Solar Charger

(image via: nokero)

How nice would it be to easily charge up your iPhone in an hour and half just while you’re sitting out in the sun? The Nokero solar charging panel is not just green and convenient, available in both 1-watt and 2-watt versions, it’s also affordable. The panel is initially being offered at $29 and $49, and once there’s a demand for them, the price will be lowered further for use off-grid by impoverished cell phone users.