Arms Length Pets: 10 Leashed Animals to Collar Your World

Leashed Dogs

(images via: Toronto Sun, Totes My Oats, Good Housekeeping and Roadkill Blogs)

Man’s Best Friend, led around (or vice versa) on a leash? It may not seem right but there’s a method to the madness, not that everyone agrees. Speaking of things not being right, check out the Hand Dog Leash from designer Alice Wang. It’s the next best thing to walking hand in hand with your pet… only WAY more creepy.

Leashed Capybaras

(images via: The Telegraph, Nuzzling Muzzles, Giddy Girlie and Capybara Madness)

Re-leash the capybaras! Better yet, just keep it on, mmkay? After all, capybaras are the world’s largest rodents and since we can’t leash sewer rats, this is the next best thing. Perhaps the world’s most famous capybara, the late Caplin Rous (“Rodent Of Unusual Size”), is seen above top going for walkies with owner Melanie Typaldos in Buda, Texas.

Leashed Sheep

(images via: FabuKnits, Illustrated Bible, Scott Savage’s Joke Blog and What It Is)

Sheep-leashed in Seattle… and other places too! Now doesn’t that just get your goat? People think they can pull the wool over your eyes and think there’s mutton wrong. Next time I see ’em on my street I’m calling the f’leece!

Leashed Pigs

(images via: VCStar, Huffington Post, Povera Stella and The Awesome Boston)

Forget Runaway Train, runaway bacon’s an even greater tragedy! Luckily there are those who risk social ostracism, public humiliation and the heartbreak of psoriasis (maybe not that last one) in order to keep this little piggy from running all the way home.

Leashed Turtles

(images via: Weakstream, TurtleTown, Examiner and Science Gone Mad)

Yes, leashed turtles, because there’s nothing worse than your pet turtle (or tortoise) taking off like a jackrabbit the minute your head’s turned. Seriously, give ’em a chance and they’ll VOOM faster than a Norwegian Blue parrot shot through with 50,000 volts. Beautiful plumage.

(image via: Tom G Presents)

From plaited plant fiber ropes to neon-tinted extruded polymer pseudo-fabric custom-fitted harnesses, animal leashes help us keep our furred, feathered and otherwise coated friends within arm’s reach. Safe from harm and safe from harming others, leashed creatures exemplify the ties that bind between humans and our favorite species.