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Green Summer Dream: Solar-Powered Floating Island

Ever daydream about having your own private island? Those dreams are about to get a little more high-tech. Meet the Solar Floating Resort (SFR), a concept design by Michele Puzzolani. This miniature private resort can sleep six people and features an underwater observation room as well as an on-deck Jacuzzi. It’s also covered in thin-film […]
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All Washed Up: 10 Bizarre Beached Creatures

Shore is strange… at least sometimes, and usually after a storm. Beachcombers often can’t believe their eyes (or noses) when encountering some of Neptune’s more notable expelled exiles and even scientists can be befuddled on first impression. Like most UFO’s, there’s always an explanation for the apparently unexplainable… it’s up to you, however, if you choose to believe it.
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Food & Health

Meat-Free BBQ-28 Vegan And Vegetarian Cook-Out Recipes

Barbecue season has officially begun, and while this time-honored summer tradition is usually packed with meats of all kinds, vegetarians and vegans don’t have to be left out of the fun. There’s a lot more to meat-free cookouts than frozen veggie burger pucks and bland potato salad. Try these 14 ideas (and 28 individual recipes!) […]
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Art & Design Transit & Auto

Hummer House Recycles H2s into Prefab Building

Sales of massive, gas-guzzling Hummers plummeted between 2007 and 2010 with the fall of the economy and a rise in gas price – ultimately forcing the brand out of business. So what could the super-strong civilian version of the Hummer be used for, if not everyday transportation? Housing. Architecture firm HplusF designed a ‘Hummer House‘ […]
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Tricks & Hacks

Find Your Epic Life

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Art & Design Energy & Fuel

Green and Gorgeous is this a Wind Turbine or Work of Art

When local residents oppose a planned wind energy project in their community, it’s usually because they object to the appearance of the turbines. But what if all wind turbines were not just ultra-efficient, providing plenty of clean, renewable energy, but also beautiful enough to display as art? The Hercules wind turbine design by Italian renewable […]
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Art & Design

POP Culture! Colorful Canopy Made from Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles aren’t exactly beautiful. While a good percentage of them get recycled these days, far too many end up littering streets and fields, floating in the ocean or just sitting in landfills for decades on end. So when artists, architects and crafters manage to turn them into something that is both useful and aesthetically […]
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7 Wonders Series Animals & Habitats Geography & Travel Nature & Ecosystems

12 Amazing Natural Wonders of Australia

Seven wonders? How about twelve – in Australia alone? It’s nearly impossible to narrow down this continent’s most beautiful, inspiring and astonishing natural sights, from the colorfully chaotic explosion of life in the Great Barrier Reef to the dramatic rippling red dunes of the Simpson desert. This sampling of Australia’s top natural attractions will have […]
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Geography & Travel

Infinity Pools and Ancient Ruins at Pamukkale, Turkey

Dreaming of escaping to a faraway place that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen? The surreal, almost alien-looking landscape of Pamukkale, Turkey is enhanced by the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman spa city of Hierapolis. Pamukkale means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, and refers to the cascades of hardened minerals that flow down its stepped travertine hot […]
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