Bag Dippers: 10 Cute, Cool, Caffeine-Free Tea Infusers

Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser

(images via: Shyablog and Steamy Kitchen)

The Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser is a three-piece affair: yellow plastic “rubber ducky” on top, a 18/8 stainless steel screen type infuser below, and a pastel blue plastic drip cup for when your brew is, well, just ducky and really fits the (ahem) bill.

(image via: Wild Bramble)

Though the Just Ducky Floating Tea Infuser is made from food-safe plastic, one reviewer at relates that there are gaps at the junction of the duck’s head and body that can allow water and soap to enter – and perhaps leak out into one’s tea. On the other hand, if used properly (read: right side up), the design of the infuser should preclude the possibility of the duck’s upper portion touching the surface of the brewing tea.

Tardis Tea Infuser

(image via: Walyou)

Even Timelords have to answer the call for tea sometime, and the Tardis Tea Infuser is just the way (and place) to do it. Modeled after the famous vintage English Police Call Box that doubled as The Doctor’s main mode of temporal transportation, this delightful design beats any invading Dalek Tea Infusers hands down. One wonders, though, just how much loose tea one can pack into a Tardis Tea Infuser… probably a lot more than you’d guess just by looking at it from the outside.

Qualy TEA SHIRT Tea Infuser

(images via: Bagus Engros, Coolgifts and HomeGoodie)

It’s said that the average Englishman is so steeped in tea you can brew a cup just by soaking the shirt off his back… OK, that’s not really true but we had you going there, hmm? Not to worry, you can get down & dirty with your own “tea shirt” – the Qualy TEA SHIRT Tea Infuser!

(image via: Bagus Engros)

Available in your choice of Brick Red, Black, White or Tea Green, the Qualy TEA SHIRT Tea Infuser is just like doing the laundry in miniature… and then drinking the gray water.

Tea House Tea Infuser

(images via: Heather Parker, HomeWares and DeCuisine)

People stay in people houses; tea stays in a Tea House. Makes sense, sort of, and you can take the analogy one step further by using a Tea House Tea Infuser to steep the house tea. These “homey” infusers are a tea-drinking tradition and come in a range of varieties. Some have integral drip-catchers, the best by far being one that looks like a suburban yard including the white picket fence.

(image via: Kate Aspen)

Tea House Tea Infusers make great gifts, even if the recipient isn’t old enough to drink tea – they’ll get there soon enough. A little searching online will bring up an entire neighborhood of tea House Tea Infusers, old and new, made from vintage sterling silver to modern stainless steel.

Teapot Shaped Tea Infuser

(images via: Whimsyandglee)

From the Department of Redundancy Department comes the Teapot Shaped Tea Infuser! Like the Tea House Tea Infuser, teapot-shaped infusers are a longstanding British tradition and if you’re lucky you can snap up a genuine “Made in England” silver stunner like the one above.

(image via: Gave That)

This baby dates from around 1940 and likely still carried its factory-fresh gleam as the air raid sirens howled and bombs dropped over a blacked-out, blitzed London. The doughty Brits kept their spirits up with hot tea and courage, infused as required. Next time you’re in the midst of an epic office battle, relax and recharge with your tarnished yet trustworthy Teapot Tea Infuser.

(image via: HomeTone)

We’ll close this post with How to Build a Better Mousetrap, tea infuser edition. The Tea Bag Tea Infuser was conceived (by Danish designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek) as an environmentally friendly, waste-free alternative to disposable teabags. Now if they could only design stainless steel reusable tea…