Beautiful Bottles: Reclaimed Art Made of Glass And Plastic

Dragonflies & More Made of Detergent Bottles

(images via: trendhunter)

In a promotion for detergent company Skip, The Jupiter Drawing Room worked with a local artist to turn a bunch of the company’s plastic bottles into a beautiful installation of seagulls, fish, water lilies and dragonflies.

Bottle Cap Necklace by Yoav Kotik

(images via: kotik-design)

Israeli artist Yoav Kotik gives discarded bottle caps new value with his unusual recycled creations, which include this multi-layered necklace, strung together into quite a statement piece.

Recycle Lights by Johanna Keimeier

(images via: treehugger)

Cut or melted and then assembled into strange tentacled light fixtures, ‘Recycle Lights’ by Berlin artist Johanna Keimeyer sometimes look like a plastic bottle in the process of exploding. Keimeyer sometimes chooses certain bottles for their colors, and at other times looks for the kinds of distinctive shapes that manufacturers hope will help their product packaging stand out on the shelf. Her treasure-hunting expeditions for these bottles have taken her across Europe including Slovakia, Spain, France and England.

Recycled Water Bottle Lampshade by Sarah Turner

(images via: sarah turner redesign)

Would you ever guess that this modern light fixture was made of recycled plastic bottles? Turner, who often works with plastic bottles, hand-cuts and sculpts them into forms that make them virtually unrecognizable. In this particular lamp, entitled ‘Cola 30’, Turner has sliced up the sides of the bottles and then pushed both ends together to form bloom-like shapes.