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Funny Farms: 12 Cool Agricultural Architecture Conversions

Silvery barn wood, exposed timbers, the sense of history and pastoral contentment – rural ruins have a lot to offer, whether they’re simply converted for new uses or creatively incorporated into novel structures. From great big barns to piles of century-old rubble, agricultural buildings have been adapted and recycled into stunning modern homes that are […]
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Sustainable Schools: 14 Smart Green Learning Facilities

These 14 school buildings, from a simple primary school in Cambodia to a high-tech university in Sweden, don’t just provide a learning environment for students – they’re also stunning examples of sustainability in architecture that can teach designers around the world to think green and beautiful. Green roofs, daylighting, renewable power, sun shades and local […]
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7 Wonders of the Plant World: Bizarre Blooms

These aren’t flowers you’d give to your mother. Some smell like feces or rotting corpses, some are incredibly ugly, some are deadly while others are just strange. These 7 extreme flowers include the world’s largest, smallest, stinkiest and most dangerous. Stunning examples of the incredibly unexpected wonders that nature can serve up, the world’s most […]
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