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The Future is Green: 12 Visionary Architecture Concepts

With looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, these 12 tall towers and super-complexes hint at the architecture of a greener future where solar-powered skyscrapers hold urban theme parks and self-sufficient mini-cities running on algae soar among the clouds. While some of these will forever remain curious concepts, others are actually slated for construction – […]
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Luxurious Eco Travel: 12 Elegant Green Destinations

Staycations and ultra-rustic nature-centric accommodations may be the greenest way to spend your vacation time, but sometimes, special occasions call for a luxurious getaway. The good news is, elegant eco-resorts do exist, and while some have more green cred than others, they offer experiences that rival those of traditional pampering luxury resorts but in a […]
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Spiraling STAIRscraper Solves Suburban Sprawl

For residents of towering urban apartment buildings, it’s not always possible to have a beautiful view and an outdoor terrace – or is it? Barcelona-based Nabito Architects have produced a design that would do just that for each and every occupant of the building. ‘A Desert Green’ looks like a spiral staircase to heaven, and […]
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