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Natural Glow: Australia’s Amazing Bioluminescent Lake

In the Australian summer of 2008/2009, a hauntingly beautiful phenomenon illuminated the Gippsland Lakes and created scenes that those present will never forget. An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue. Photographer Phil Hart was there to document the amazing display.
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Brilliant Bio-Design: 14 Animal-Inspired Inventions

Surveillance cameras flap their wings in the sky just like birds and bats. Tiny little hairs on gecko feet help a robot climb a smooth vertical surface. The impact-resistant surface of human teeth inspires light and durable aerospace materials. Just like designs inspired by the sea, insect-mimicking inventions and buildings that look like natural terrain, […]
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From Another Udder: Nine Nutty Non-Cow Cheeses

Cheese, glorious cheese! Who would imagine coagulated, acidified, moldy mammal milk could be so delicious? If you can get past that concept, consider that while most cheese is made from cow or goat milk, most any lactating varmint will suffice – Venezuelan Beavers not included. So hold your nose, grab your special knife, and get ready to cut these bizarre and unusual cheeses. A whey we go!
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Vegan Heaven: 7 Deliciously Ful(filling) Dessert Recipes

It’s not always easy to whip up a restaurant quality dessert without taking away valuable time and effort from the meal itself, and it’s especially hard for the discriminating vegan cook. We’ve combed the internet for some of the best vegan dessert recipes, with the hope that some of these will be perfect for one’s […]
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