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Pile it On: 20 Trash Types You Can Actually Compost

The summer gardening season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should stop composting, especially when you could easily divert more than half of your trash into a free source of soil. And with all of the fun and seemingly crazy things you can actually compost – from condoms to masking […]
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Insular Dwarfism: 12 Species that Evolved to be Small

Island life isn’t all sandy beaches and coconuts. Sometimes, it’s rough, with very little food or freshwater available, and if you can’t get off the island, you’d better adapt. That’s exactly what these 12 miniature species did over thousands of years due to scarcity of resources, eventually becoming smaller versions of their mainland relatives. They’re […]
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Green Light! Algae-Powered Lamp Needs TLC to Provide Light

New energy sources are being developed and uncovered nearly every year, reducing our reliance on the traditional grid-based electricity. One of the oddest forms of alternative energy is one developed in 2010 by Stanford University and Yonsei University scientists. Their method uses the power of photosynthesis to produce a small electric current. Designer Mike Thompson […]
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Fuel’s Gold: 10 More Unusual Alternative Energy Sources

Mankind’s quest for energy has successively centered on wood, coal and oil though these fuels are slowly giving way to nuclear, wind and geothermal power sources. Even newer fuels have sparked alternatives, however, and what today seems odd and impractical may someday be commonplace. These 10 unusual alternative energy sources show real hope that goes beyond the usual hype.
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