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DIY Lightbulb Recycling is Cooler Than You Think

When a lightbulb burns out, we rarely give it a second thought. Thank goodness some quality crafters have lent their imagination toward this fragile household item, intent on giving burnt out bulbs a second life as something very different, and aesthetically pleasing. Light up your house and defy expectations with these DIY uses for otherwise […]
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No Green Thumb? 13 Healthy Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

You’ve got a dark apartment, a busy schedule and a seeming inability to water plants with any regularity. Are you just hopelessly black-thumbed, doomed to live a plant-free existence in a home with poor air quality forever? Not if you choose super-hardy, hard-to-kill houseplants that can withstand poor lighting conditions and go for long periods […]
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Happy Father’s Day: 20 Awesome Animal Dads

(Images via: Flickr, Science Blogs, Citizen Arcane, Sea World, Conservation Report, PBS, Discovery, Flickr, Toad Haven, Wolf Park, Hide Tanning, University of Texas, Crystal Kiss, Soda Head, The Longest List…, Animal Information, Magick Canoe, Pixdaus, Sea World, Oz Animals)   In celebration of Father’s Day, here are 20 awesome animal dads that go above and […]
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Buzz Killers: 10 Of The World’s Biggest, Baddest Bugs

Bugs… though most are small, even tiny, the ancient order of Arthropods boasts over a million species and includes more than half the world’s living organisms. With such variety and diversity, insects, spiders, and their exoskeletoned ilk push the envelope on a number of fronts including size, so put away that fly-swatter – you definitely do not want to make these guys mad!
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Eco-Friendly: 16 Innovative & Awesome LED Art Sculptures

LEDs consume less energy and maintain a longer lifetime. Combining LEDs with art can have visually stunningly results. These large-scale LED sculptures were on an open-air stage of installations, exhibitions, works of art and design. Here are 16 aesthetically pleasing LED art sculptures that respect the environment while providing modern designs of energy-saving lighting solutions.
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Slip Slidin’ Away: 10 Fallen Natural Rock Formations

Some of the world’s most beautiful natural rock formations are also some of the most fragile, a quality that has much to do with their beauty. Though they may be thousands, even millions of years old, all of these unique formations will some day succumb to the forces of wind, weathering and gravity – sometimes before our very eyes. Alas, for these 10 fallen natural rock formations, there is no cosmic Clapper.
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