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Super Size It: The World’s Largest Food

Didn’t get enough to eat on Thanksgiving? Then feast your eyes on this absurd buffet of monstrously oversized food. While some may lament the inherent waste of food involved in creating the world’s largest burgers, omelettes and sushi rolls, there’s no denying that enormous edibles have their appeal all over the world. You’ll feel full […]
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Slime Stew, Anyone? Giant Snails Battle Malnutrition

(image via: WAG Malawi) Iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition are among the most serious health concerns in developing African countries. A Nigerian nutritionist is now singing the praises of a food that may help turn that around. Her solution is cheap, readily available, extremely nutritious and – according to the study – quite tasty. The […]
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Crazy for a Cause: 14 Bizarre Green Protests

Some of the weirdest, most attention-grabbing green protests are gross, like the group of students who skinned and ate a cat – and then posted the photos on Facebook. Others are hilarious, like the world’s tiniest eco-terrorists scaling a Lego power plant. But (almost) all of them have managed to publicize important causes like animal […]
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Glaring Answers: How We’re Taking A New Shine To UV

(Image via: Matt McGee) Our relationship to ultraviolet light is an environmental pickle. On the one hand, Westerners chase that perfect Californian tan (while other parts of the world pursue pastier complexions) and flirt with unsightly, permanent sun-damage – and on the other, they plaster themselves with non-biodegradable chemicals that coat the surface of the […]
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