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32 Amazing Examples of Recycled Furniture Art

Furniture art from recycled elements is often strikingly beautiful. Many modern and contemporary recycled furniture designs are now made using reclaimed or recycled wood, paper or metal. Most interesting about this functional artwork are the combination of original elements that give retired materials a fresh and appealing look their second time as old-but-new furniture designs.
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Breathtaking Views: 30 Incredible HDR Mountain Photos

Mountains around the world are hot spots for hikers, climbers, campers, tourists and photographers. Through the magic of HDR photography or photo-manipulation techniques that give photos the vibrant qualities of HDR photography, nature becomes highly detailed and surreal. This is a showcase of jaw-dropping mountain photographs that create magic through HDR and tone-mapping processes.
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Amazing Microsocieties: Ants vs. Termites

Scientists have long known that humans are not the only species endowed with certain gifts; wolves, dolphins, orcas and apes all have highly advanced social behavior and the ability to organize. Despite these fantastic achievements, Mankind remains the only species of mammal to possess both a societal structure, and the ability to build structures in […]
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10 Amazingly Beautiful Natural Caves

We see beautiful places everywhere we go; huge mountains, ridiculous plains, scary jungles and nice forests are all great places to experience nature, but how often do we venture into the world beneath us? Unless you’re an avid spelunker, or a troglodyte, the answer is probably not too often. Here we take a look at […]
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