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29 Disturbingly Creative Ads for the Environment

While there are mountains and mountains of scientific research and literature on human beings’ impact on our planet, in terms of resource exhaustion, pollution, global warming, deforestation and habitat destruction, and animal cruelty and rights abuse, most people manage to largely ignore it. Creatively constructed print and television advertisements however, are more captivating and tend […]
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11 Great Green Minds Ahead of their Time

One could argue that our predecessors were in fact environmentalists; even humble farmers of a few generations ago lived in tune with nature and her seasons. And it’s particularly illuminating to learn about historical figures who were especially fond of Mother Nature or worked to preserve the earth’s resources. Artists, rulers, philosophers and more: here are some of the most interesting throughout history.
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10 Great Green Gift Ideas for Under $50

You hang your threads out to dry on a clothesline, illuminate your living space with LED light bulbs, use non-toxic cleaners, decorate your pad with sustainable furniture and stock your wardrobe with organic cotton. Heck, you even went hybrid with your new ride. Your friends, on the other hand, are guilty of some serious eco […]
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